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Writing Corner

Writing Corner

Express Yourself!

This half term we have had a wonderful time exploring different types of poetry. We have been immersed in rich vocabulary and  enjoyed studying the work of lots of famous poets. We 'magpied' some of their ideas to help us create our own brilliant poems. Please take a look at our excellent writing in the book below.

A step back in time - Spring 1 


This half term we have honed our persuasive writing skills. Each class has learnt how to persuade a reader by using compelling vocabulary to incite and excite.  They have learnt the typical structures of advertisements to create their own persuasive literature. Take a look at the topic book below to see how we did this!

Get Lost in a Good Book- Autumn 2


This half term we have become budding authors by experimenting with a range of well loved fairy tales! Each class has taken its favourite tale and embellished and improved  what we already know to produce alternative versions. We have also used the typical story structure to create our own fairy tales. Take a look at the topic book below to see how we did this!




Get Lost in a Good Book

Food Glorious Food- Autumn 1 


Our first focus this half term has been poetry. Each class has explored a variety of different poems by different authors and used these as inspiration for their own work. Take a look at our whole school poetry book to discover the journey we took!





Poetry Topic Book- Autumn 1

Our second writing focus has been non-fiction. The children have re-visited some of the skills taught at the end of the summer term to create instructions inspired by recipes. Be warned these vary from the delicious to the ghastly! Why not take a look at our whole school instructions journey.

Non-Fiction Topic Book- Autumn 1


Summer 2015


This half term the children have been experimenting with Talk for Writing.  They have been on a wonderful adventure which has involved learning a new text by heart!  Each class has brought their text to life and unpicked it to discover how they can use its components to create their own piece of non-fiction writing.  Take a look below to discover how!

Writing Journey Topic Book - Summer Term 2015