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Cherry Orchard First School and Caterpillars Pre-School

"Small enough to care, Big enough to inspire"

Superpower Awards

May 2018

Silver  Brooke was able to identify what colours would be created when mixing colours

Kayne worked out how to make sure everyone had the same amount of marbles while playing with the marble run


Leonie and Amelia-May have been writing independent sentences in free flow time and creating their own maths stories with adding and take away.


May 2018

Dougie  Scarlett for giving 100 per cent in singing assembly and being a team player

Jenson for taking a risk for jumping safely off three crates while supervised

April 2018



Isabella persevered and overcame her nervousness with swimming

Max perservered and over came his nervousness of new things

Leonie was very brave and went swimming with the school for the first time

Max W settled into his new class beautifully



Maddie used the shapes to tessellate and she independently worked out that they needed to have straight sides


March 2018


Amelia-May, Lara and Freya for asking questions and making guesses about the parts of a bicycle and what they are used for

Scarlett Bradley and Harmoney for taking a risk and retelling their story to the other children in the group


Dougie for keeping on trying in PE and not giving up until he succeded

Issabella for not giving up in PE and always trying her best


February 2018

Shadow Robert has played well with the other children in role play games during freeflow

Silver Rio and Ella made links with noticing patterns during a reasoning session

Scarlet Elise has persisted  in writing her name independently and now can do it

Scarlett  Meela  took risks and attempted her descriptions when she was describing her settings

Shadow Rio  was kind and helpful to the other children and always a team player helping other children

Scarlett Annabella has settled in very well to school and the routines and has quickly learnt new routines and made new friends





January 2018


Rio and Roman helped Miss Jones to tidy up and didn't give up

Alfie was focussed on his writing with great results

Damien didn't give up and succeeded in writing his name independently

Josh was motivated to work from home and produced his own book

Brooke was confident to take a risk and write new words independently


December 2017

Evie has been trying really hard with her phonics and writing and has made very good progress.

Jenson has taken risks by writing labels for his picture and using the sounds he can hear in words.

Jake has persisted in doing his zip up  independently.

Our Superpillar focus this term is Scarlett. Scarlett takes risks and she keeps on trying even if things get difficult so we are going to try to be more like Scarlett.

Jenson sat beautifully in singing assembly and avoided being distracted.


Harmoney  found it difficult taking off her apron but preserved and eventually worked out she could take it off in a different way.

Ava was persistent with writing p and even though she found it difficult at the beginning she kept on trying and  trying, until she formed a perfect p .

The superpower we are focussing on this half term is Shadow and the children's target is to "respect others by listening carefully and thinking about others feelings. "

week beginning 9.10.17

Jake collected Evie's lunchbox as she couldn't collect it herself

Alfie was very kind to a child who had broken his Humpty Dumpty by accident" it's alright I can make another one , " he said.


Dougie for including someone in the hugging game.

Freya helped Dougie to clean up milk on the floor.

Ava dressed up as Scarlett.

Freya for helping other children during forest school.

Jake for comforting others when they are upset.

Rio offered to help Dougie.

Lily-May asked Elsie if she would like an apple as it was the only one left.

Ava shared her playdough with Lara.

Issabella kindly shared her play dough.