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Superpower Awards



This week the WHOLE of Year 2 were celebrated by Silver. Over the past week children have been working on some tricky SATs papers. Silver is proud because of how well they used their knowledge and how children planned to tackle each task! Everybody did amazingly! 



This week, because of a fantastic team effort completing the maths class assembly, the whole of Year 2 received a Shadow award.


Silver has given an award to Jack L this week because of selecting the correct resources and tackling every task independently!

Ethan M has been celebrated by Scarlet for managing his distractions more effectively this week.

Shadow is very proud of Michael M for applying everything he has been learning in class to a quiz in which he scored 20/20!


Shadow is very proud of Jamie this week for doing some reading at home, Shadow knows he would prefer to be watching cars on YouTube!


Spark this week is happy with how Sophie has been working really hard in her maths and explaining how she has reached her answers.


Spark -  Spark is very proud of Gracie this week for making some fantastic contributions within lessons and always putting her hand up first.


Shadow - Shadow is very proud of Lexus. Over the past few weeks Lexus has listened carefully to instructions and learnt from her peers during swimming sessions. She can now swim a width completely independently!


This week we firstly celebrated Paige C for being like Shadow. This week she has been learning from all teaching in school including her phonics teacher Miss Perry. We celebrated Henry R for both; managing his distraction and learning from others in the later part of the week. Finally we celebrated Owen and Finn C with a Shadow award for a fantastic synchronised  snake routine in dance. 


This week we have celebrated children for being like Shadow and like Spark. We celebrated Gracie, B Thomas S, Phoebe J and Finley B for taking on the advice of Mrs W. They found that they were a lot more fluent in guided reading when they had practiced the book at home during the week! 

We also celebrated Connor H and MIchael M for linking their learning in school with learning at home as they had completed some fantastic pieces of homework.


This week Year 2 have been acting like Silver - planning how they are going to tackle a task. 

We are very proud of Katie, Rebecca, Josh, Henry, Jack and Charlotte for thinking about how they were going to find the answers to some tricky reading comprehension questions.

We also celebrated Finn C for independently finding and utilising resources available to him around the classroom to help him write his story.


This week we have given out perseverance Scarlet awards for Lucas, Paige, Lexus and Jamie because of how much their reading has improved!


Billy PE and Katie C - Scarlet award for knowing that it's okay to make mistakes when working on their maths tricky columns.

Paige C - Shadow - for knowing when to work as a team and working effectively with her learning partner.

Henry R and Rebecca B - Scarlet - for persevering and not giving up in P.E. Managing to match some of the Year 4 children's records for laps around the school.


Connor H - Silver - Using his planning to complete his The Hunter write up

Gracie B - Shadow - learning from others including peers and teachers. 


Today we celebrated Charlotte N for using the resources available to her like shadow.

We also celebrated Georgia W for asking so many questions and participating in lessons like Spark.


This week we celebrated the whole of Year 2 for their fabulous teamwork (Scarlet) putting together our class assembly last week.

We also celebrated the following children for the Scarlet superpillar:

Sophie A - persevering with handwriting.

Phoebe G - persevering with handwriting.

Lexus W - making many contributions during maths.

Harvey - Jack H - persevering at his reading and jumping up another book band!


This week our superpillar awards were all for acting like Shadow; specifically being a team player and working effectively in a group. This week awards went to:

Phoebe G


Gracie B





This week we have been writing up our own version of the Peter Rabbit Tale. This involved using our planning like Silver, taking risks like Scarlet, using the ideas of our peers in the class like Shadow and lots of Spark imagination! Because we all were using these skills it was impossible to single out any individual - Year 2 all received the reward this week!


Scarlet - This week we were challenged to take a risk like Scarlet in the classroom even if it was as simple as having a go at a spelling instead of asking a grown-up or trying a new vegetable as part of our KS1 Harvest afternoon. We celebrated:



Harvey- Jack


Phoebe J

Finley B

Finn C





Sophie A -  Silver - Looking back on our learning.

Jack L - Shadow - Respecting others by listening carefully.


Year 2 - Silver Superpillar - Using the resources available to us around the classroom.

Harvey Jack - Scarlet - Keep trying no matter how long it takes.

Georgia Wood - Scarlet - Taking a risk.

Connor Hack - Scarlet - Taking a risk.