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Cherry Orchard First School and Caterpillars Pre-School

"Small enough to care, Big enough to inspire"

Star of the Week!

February 17th Seren for being focussed in lessons and managing distractions

February 17th Brooklyn for being focussed in lessons and managing distractions

March 3 Harvey F for trying hard with his handwriting and never giving up

March 30th Jack for always doing the right thing , following instructions and always being kind and helpful

May 12th William for a great improvement in getting dressed independently


May 19th Oliver Lawson for making the right choices and not being distracted by others


May 25th Kaci for standing up in front of the class and showing her special things

May 25th Star of the week George Kohut for being kind and helping Lillirose doing up her buckles


June 15th Jessica for her sensible behaviour on the school trip.

June 15th Reggie for always being kind and helpful

June 30th Leo for learning the dance moves well

June 30th Freya for learning the dance moves well and remembering them.


Star of the week...

Each week the grown-ups choose a member of Reception to be star of the week and they get a special certificate in celebration assembly. To be a star of the week a grown-up has to spot you doing something extraordinarily fabulous. I wonder who will amaze us this week...


Spring 2 March 2017

We dressed up for Comic Relief today

27th January Jennifer for trying really hard to learn the letter sounds 

Autumn 1 

Reception have had a wonderful start to school. They have settled into school life wonderfully and have taken all of the new routines and expectations in their stride. We are incredibly proud of all of their achievements and thought that all of Reception class were stars each and every week this half term! Well done Reception!