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Star of the Week!


STAR of the Week

Each week the grown-ups choose a member of our class to be star of the week and they get a special certificate in Celebration Assembly. To be a star of the week you have to be spotted doing something extraordinarily fabulous. I wonder who will amaze us this week?

14th July

All of Year 4! – We are so unbelievably proud of Year 4. They have been absolute superstars this half term, learning all their lines and working so hard to deliver a fantastic performance. Well done, you can be very proud of all of your hard work. What an incredible achievement!

7th July

Brett Brett has been very considerate towards the other children in Year 4 this week and has tried really hard to put the needs of others before his own. Well done you!

7th July

Isabel Isabel has worked hard to manage distractions this week and this was especially evident during the play rehearsals. Well done Isabel, keep up the hard work and concentration!

30th June

Megan Megan has been a fantastic Maths Partner this half term and has done some super Partner Teaching, helping her partner instead of simply telling her the answer. Well done you!

23rd June

Gerard – We were very proud of Gerard’s efforts during the Bell boating regatta yesterday. He was incredibly determined and did a fantastic job in setting the pace for his boat. Well done you!

16th June

Alfie – We were especially impressed with Alfie during our trip to Pershore Abbey on Friday. He wowed us all by really getting in role as a monk and showed his super listening skills which impressed the Abbot. Keep up the hard work!

26th May

Leah and Milo- Leah and Milo have made a fantastic start to learning their lines for the school production. It is clear that they have been practising regularly and, importantly, have thought carefully about using expression to make their performances realistic. Well done! 

19th May

Aimee- Aimee has wowed us in Pie Corbett with her fantastic non-chronological report. We were particularly impressed with the time and care she took to edit her writing, using the success criteria checklist to ensure she had all the key ingredients. Keep up the super work!

19th May

Samuel- Despite being ill last week, Samuel has amazed us with his fantastic homework effort. We particularly enjoyed seeing his dragon picture as part of his Literacy planning. Well done you!

12th May

Josh- Josh has been a brilliant talk partner in both Maths and Phonics this week, listening carefully to his partner and taking on board their ideas. Keep up the super work!

12th May

Archie- Archie has made sure that he is following the adult’s instructions first time and has shown a fantastic attitude toward his learning (particularly in Maths). Well done Archie!

28th April

Joseph- Joseph has been a superstar in Maths and really persevered when we were introduced to percentages this week. In addition, he has tried really hard to remain focused and as such has been able to take on board the ideas of his partner. Well done Joseph, keep up the hard work!

31st March

Richard- Richard has wowed us with his fantastic homework yet again this week! He created a times table game that also incorporated an electrical circuit (linking to our Topic learning). What a great idea! Keep up the fantastic work.

31st March

Casie-Leigh- Casie consistently shows a positive attitude towards her learning. We have been particularly impressed with her group work in Phonics this week as she listened carefully to the other children and took their ideas on board. Well done you.

24th March

Archie- we have been very impressed with Archie’s attitude to learning this week and he has tried really hard to make the right choices. Well done you, keep up the hard work!

17th March

Imogen- Imogen has been a great team player and consistently shown that she is ready to learn in every lesson. Well done you!

17th February

All of Year 4!- We were so incredibly proud of Year 4 for their fantastic effort in Dancefest on Tuesday. They were a fantastic audience and showed their super Cherry Orchard manners! Despite a few nerves, each and every one on of you gave your all during the class performance. Well done, you can all be very proud.

10th February

Imogen- Imogen really persevered with our pyramid Topic maths challenge! She worked systematically to problem solve and could explain the pattern and working out to her partner. Well done you!

3rd February

Gerard- we have loved having Gerard back in Year 4 and have been so impressed with all of his hard work this half term. He has always been a very conscientious learner but really has given his all this past couple of weeks to ensure that he is up to speed. Well done you!

20th January

Ross- Ross has blown us away with his excellent diary entry all about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. You considered using a mix of facts and feelings to give a realistic recount from the perspective of Carter. Well done you, keep up the super work!

20th January

Jack- Jack has been hooked with our Ancient Egypt topic and has tried really hard to concentrate and follow instructions in class. He planned a fantastic diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter and made sure he read back through his writing to check it made sense. Well done Jack!

13th January

Olivia- Olivia always gives 100% and goes above and beyond to help her classmates. We have been especially impressed with her partner teaching this week as she has buddied up with other partners to explain her working out. Well done Olivia.

13th January

Alex- Alex has showed a real interest in our new topic (the Ancient Egyptians) and has been very creative with his homework which can be seen on out topic table display. Well done you, keep up the hard work!

16th December

Alfie- we were very proud of Alfie’s amazing performance and behaviour during our Christmas service at the abbey on Monday. Despite a few reservations, he showed a really mature and sensible attitude during the performance and it was lovely to hear how proud he felt after. Well done you! 

9th December

Archie- Archie has tired really hard to practise his joined handwriting. It makes his work so much easier to read and looks fantastic too. You have proven that you can do it so we would just like to see you using it every time please Archie!

9th December

Aimee- Aimee is always incredibly thoughtful towards others and sets a super example in class. We have been especially proud of how well she has helped Alexi settle into her new school. Well done you and thank you for all your hard work!

25th November

Alexi- Alexi has settled in really well and made lots of new friends in Year 4 already. We have loved having you in our class Alexi, well done you. 


25th November

Milo- Milo has amazed us with his fantastic homework; we particularly enjoyed reading his letter from the House of Commons and card from the Queen! It was clear that Milo had put a lot of effort into his research and presented his homework clearly to the rest of the class. Well done you!

4th November

Callum- Callum has been a fantastic Talk Partner in Pie Corbett and has used his super listening skills to take on board the ideas of his partner when learning a new text and discussing the key features. Well done Callum, keep up the hard work!

21st October

Liam- Liam showed real maturity during our Phonics roleplay performance this week, he was considerate towards other children’s feelings and putting their needs first. Well done Liam, you can be very proud!

14th October

Mazie- Mazie has shown a real determination with her Maths during the end of block assessments. Even when Mazie has found it challenging, she has kept persevering and we are very proud of you for this. Well done Mazie, keep up the hard work!

7th October

Ross- Ross was completely engrossed in our mini space topic this week and came up with a very creative design for the ‘Mars Accommodation’ project for NASA! We were particularly impressed with his fantastic poem ‘What is the Earth?’ which used and applied the key skills from Pie Corbett. Well done you, keep up the hard work.

30th September

Darren- Darren has been a superstar in Maths this week and has shown a real determination when learning new skills. We were particularly impressed with his acting of the Real Life Story for fractions and mixed numbers. Well done Darren, keep up the hard work.

23rd September:

Samuel  Samuel is always caring and considerate to other children and is a fantastic role model, both in class and around the school. We have however, been particularly impressed with his Partner Teaching in 'Early Bird' and MMS. Well done Samuel!


16th September:

Archie we are so unbelievably proud of how well Archie has settled into Year 4. He has tried really hard to work more independently and has been a ‘superstar helper’, handing out books and equipment at the start of lessons. Well done you!

Autumn Term 2016